We started from the direct sales from individual farmers and processing and gradually expanded our business. So production is the core business for our company. Here, we introduce the features of our company from the perspective of “a farming company”.

Production system full of young people’s power

It is currently said that the average age of Japanese farmers is over 65 years old. Our company seriously considers the farming successor problems and an unpopular farming career and make every effort to recruit “young people who’d like to work as a farmer”. As of 2016, the average age of production staffs is about 20 years old. If we include female part time workers who are in charge of packing and shipping, it’s about 35 years old, which shows that our company consists of very young staffs regardless of a farming corporation.

Kushima’s soil to grow sweet potatoes

  • Akahoya
  • Reducing the use of agricultural chemicals
  • Mature


Kushima Aoi Farm’s sweet potatoes are grown in a reddish soil called “Akahoya”. It’s because there are not so many threadworms harmful to agricultural crops in it and the soil helps the crops grow. Reddish soil normally exists deep down the ground.

But our predecessors “plowed to replace surface black soil with reddish subsoil” so high quality sweet potatoes are easily grown.

Reducing the use of agricultural chemicals

Kushima Aoi Farm is reducing agricultural chemicals thoroughly to pursue more secure and naturally delicious taste. As a result, we could reduce the total number of using agricultural chemicals and nitrogen contained in the agricultural chemicals to less than 50% or less against Miyazaki prefecture’s agricultural crop growing practice standard.


We can mature sweet potatoes by storing them for about 1 month after harvested so that you can eat it more deliciously. We are equipped with a cutting edge storage house that has an enough space and can control temperature and humidity. Like that, we make the best efforts to enhance the sweetness of sweet potatoes to the maximum.

Working closely with local producers

We establish a contractual relationship with individual farmers in a local Kushima area and build a stable production system. Also, as specified in a below chart, we adopt the system that we market the items at a cheap price via JA and achieve a bigger return to producers.

Sales price per one kilogram of sweet potatoes and the gross profit of producers ※Part of examples
  Sales price The gross profit of producers
market 500円 140円
Our company 400円 300円