Our company set up a processing facility on our company premise and started developing our original processed food of sweet potatoes from April in 2015.

Our company’s own private brand AOI’s ONE

Farmers perform both production and direct processing of them to market them. This system enables us to offer delicious food at a more reasonable price. “AOI’s ONE”, our company’s private brand, includes the processed food as our core original item lineups


  • Hoshi-imo with rind
  • 冷凍焼き芋
  • 各種ペット用食品
  • 干しいも
  • さつまいもペースト
  • カットさつまいも
  • トルネードポテト
  • 芋グラッセ
  • ソフトクリーム
  • フライドポテト
  • 芋甘納豆
  • 冷凍フライドポテト
  • ジャム

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