Early Showa period Sukeo Ikeda and Yasutaro Ikeda started growing sweet potates for starch.
1970 Yasuhiro Ikeda took over and started growing Kotobuki Imo (currently known as Miyazaki Beni)
1992 Makoto Ikeda succeeded the family business and opened Rice Center Ikeda (rice dry hulling business). He also started growing sweet potatoes on a large scale.
2011 Reduced JA shipping and started sales nationally. Designed Kushima Aoi Farm Character “Aoi-chan” and made a brand out of it.
2012 Closed the rice dry hulling business and focused on growing sweet potatoes. This year started shipping to Singapore for the first time.
2013 On December 16, was incorporated as Kushima Aoi Farm Co. Ltd. and started shipping to Hong Kong and Taiwan.
2014 Was approved as a sixth-order industry company and began developing processed products, staring to sell them nationally.

(As of 2015)