About facilities

Head Office

The head office mainly functions as the base of the management department. In a wood-based relaxing mood, the one floor is used for welcoming visitors, having a meeting, and working. On a daily basis staff members in the work space join the conversation between clients and hosting staff members. This homey space readily creates new ideas and communication.

Processing plant

Opened in 2015, our processing plant mainly produces fried sweet potatoes “Deza Pote.”
Sweet potatoes are cooked at an appropriate temperature effectively, and the taste is captured by the instant cooling system. Also, the plant is equipped with a set of facilities to preserve them.

Working area

As a satellite for Naru shipment field, mainly packing is carried out there. When the company was founded, all staff members were working on different tasks sharing the same space there.

Naru Office

This office is the base of the Sales department. This lively space is used for communication with clients and mail order customer support as telephones ring loudly. Along with a spacious resting area, we have created an environment that makes a clear distinction between ON and OFF hours.

Shipment field

In order to deliver sweet potatoes to our clients safely we make adjustments and packing here. In December 2015, we opened a new office dedicated to shipping, establishing a more speedy and stable delivery system.

Curing facilities

By storing sweet potatoes damaged at the time of harvest in a high-temperature and humidity storage area, the cork layer underneath the sweet potato is increased. (as if scab covering the wound). By doing so, we make it possible to increase quality making sweeter and less prone to decay. While this process is done everywhere where sweet potatoes are produced, our facilities are one of the largest in Japan in terms of scale.