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Everything from sweet potato production to distribution
and sales channels development farmers themselves have worked.

  • production

  • Processing

  • Overseas shipment

  • Mail order business

  • Pesticide fertilizer

  • Farmer employment support

  • Overseas farm


That of the company, such as product information, is a blog by our staff.

  • Business trip t...

    shimoide daily
    Starting today, representatives, have been made to the sales staff Shimoide is to Kansai area. ~ I...

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  • Staff birthday

    shimoidea daily
    Hello (* ^ _ ^ *) 8 and 9th of June two days continued, was a staff birthday. 8th, representative ...

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  • To yesterday...

    shimoidea daily
    To yesterday’s dinner, I made a sweet potato version of meat and potatoes (^ O ^) Taste of t...

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  • Oisix’s v...

    aoifarm daily
    Of Tokyo, Shigematsu like the famous Oisix in the home delivery of organic decrease pesticide vege...

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  • Is 3 o’cl...

    shimoide daily
    Is 3 o’clock snack of today. Goes well with the new tea although We (* ^ _ ^ *)  

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  • Potato Grasset ...

    shimoide daily
    As a new processed products, Potato Grasset & potato amanattō will be released (^ O ^) Photo i...

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